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New high barrier material of modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coated film advantages and disadvantages

Oxygen outstanding performance: (1) the resistance of modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coating composite membrane for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide has excellent barrier property of the oxygen resistance performance is better than that of PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) thin film, coating is better than that of EVOH (ethylene - vinyl alcohol copolymer) five layers co-extrusion film. Its oxygen resistance performance is the best of the various kinds of resin film, with aluminum foil, glass, with aluminum oxide film and silicon oxide film plating. SHRINK BARRIER BAGS

(2) low cost: the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coating composite film production cost is much lower than paper lu: su composite, lu: su composite packaging materials production cost, far lower than EVOH five layers co-extrusion film production costs, and lower than the adoption of PVDC coated composite film cost.

(3) application is simple: use of the flexible packaging production enterprises existing dry composite machine, coating machine, wet composite machine, composite extrusion machine equipment all can achieve satisfied effect. Of the modified PVA glue solution not crust, viscosity has no obvious rise phenomenon in the process of normal use, the coating layer is very thin, but the coating thickness uniformity is still very good.

Excellent (4) environmental protection: polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) high block composition of water-based coating liquid as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and silicon, biodegradable and recycled, recyclable burns only generates carbon dioxide and water, and does not produce other substances harmful to environment and human health, no pollution, is an ideal environmental protection high barrier packaging materials.

(5) the bartender sweet good performance: excellent bartender performance, may in the longer term the rich flavour of bag food, at the same time can effectively stop the packing material outside the smell into the sack.

(6) other: colorless, transparent. It has excellent resistance to oil, organic solvent resistance performance and good antistatic performance. Can be used in microwave heating for packaging of food metal detection. Because in the fluid of the PVA water-based coating joined the nanoscale inorganic powders, after the film's resistance to water, ultraviolet and infrared light reflective, abrasion resistance, permeability resistance, PVA coating and the basement membrane properties, such as bonding strength have got obvious improvement.

: due to the thin coating, the coating poor heat sealing; Although after modification, the water sensitivity significantly lower PVA coating, to keep to the oxygen resistance effect of beautiful, still with polyolefin plastic film (such as BOPP, CPP, PE, etc.) to protect it as well.


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